|Leiko Ikemura & Guenther Foerg||Zwischenraeume / The Spaces Between||The Langen Foundation|Curator & editor: Chrysanthi Kotrouzinis|Authors: Anne-Marie Bonnet, Siegfried Gohr, John Yau|Published by the Langen Foundation, Neuss, Germany 2007|Paperback, german / english

Leiko Ikemura & Guenther Foerg

"Zwischenraeume / The Spaces Between"
Langen Foundation, Neuss, Germany 2007
Curator: Chrysanthi Kotrouzinis,
Authors: Anne-Marie Bonnet, John Yau, Siegfried Gohr
Publisher: Langen Foundation
Paperback, deutsch / english

|John Yau & Leiko Ikemura||Andalusia||Authors: John Yau, poems; Leiko Ikemura, drawings & photography|Photography: Philipp von Matt|Published by Weidle Verlag 2006|Black Square Ed.|Hardcover, 130 pages|ISBN: 9783931135966


"John Yau & Leiko Ikemura"
Authors: John Yau, poems; Leiko Ikemura, drawings & photography
Photography: Philipp von Matt
Published by Weidle Verlag 2006
Black Square Ed.
Hardcover, 130 pages
ISBN: 9783931135966